Vitamin D deficiency

Patient: I am 23 and I had some blood work done and my Vit D is only 3 ng/mL . I have scoliosis but a doctor told me that the curve is about 15 degrees and i shouldn’t bother about it. But i have severe back and neck pain. Could this be because of my Vit D deficiency and what can be done to treat Vitamin D deficiency

Doctor: You are suffering from severe Vitamin D deficiency (< 5ng/ml). As the physician informed you, scoliosis could not be worried much. Back and neck pain can be seen in Vit D defifiency, but to rule of nerve impingements, MRI spinal cord must be done. Vit D deficiency can corrected by Vitamin D supllimentation along with calcium supplimentation. Vitamin D rich foods like nut oils, fish, sea foods and mushrooms are advised. Comments / Follow Ups Guest: I am 30 and having on & off muscle pain along with little bit joint pain from last 4 days. Year back i was Vitamin D deficient but i took vitamin d supplement for 2 months . Also at that time i didn't feet like that. Is anything serious ? or i am again vitamin D deficient ? please help !