Vitamin D: Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

Patient: How much vitamin “d” can i take daily ive read that it burns belly fat and i can take up to 10,000 ui’s per day is this true or is too much dangerous

Doctor: There are some research studies that link high levels of Vitamin D (50-80ng/ml) with improvement of osteoarthritis pain in selected patients. Every laboratory has what they call: “reference range” that is unique and depends on taking a range of healthy individuals and creates an average after excluding a certain percentage from the low range and the high range. Most of the labs have values between 50-80 ng/ml  , and a toxic level more than 150 ng/ml. Most adults can maintain 50 ng/ml by taking between 4000 and 8000 IU of vitamin D from all sources: supplements and foods.The vitamin D by itself does not “burn belly fat” but combined with a consistent exercise routine at least 3 times a week, starting with 30-45 min aerobic walking and stretching exercises.