Vitamin D3, B12 Deficiency, High Uric Acid & Low HDL.

Patient: Dear sir,i am suffering from mouth ulcer & sore skin inside my whole mouth since almost a year on & off.& recently also having a pain since last 3 to 4 months in my left knee, this is kind of muscle pain here& there around knee muscles, while consulting,My family Doc. prescribed me Arachitol-6L once a week x 4 nos. & Mecobalamin ME-12 Twice a week x 6 Nos.since in blood & Urine test following under/over limits results were observed,Sr. URIC ACID(URICASE) appeared – 8.3mg%,Vitamin B12 – 133.00pg/mLSr. 25-OH Vitamin D – 14.90 mg/mLSr. CHOLESTEROL (ENZYMATIC) – 148.0 mg%Sr.TRIGLYCERIDES – 273.0 mg%Sr. HDL CHOLESTEROL – 29.0 mg%Sr. LDL Cholesterol – 64.4 mg%VLDL Cholesterol – 54.6 mg%Estimated Cr. Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)m- 154.8Kindly advise if these injections are ok & which are the other medicines/injection you would recommend on top of these.request your advise accordingly.thanks & regards,Prashant T. Desai.

Symptoms: Sore inside mouth skin/mouth Ulcer on & off since last almost a year, Pain in the left knee muscle around knee area which disappears while exercising but reappears again.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Yes, doctor has prescribed you right.You require these injections.Once the defic iency is corrected, your mouth ulcers and body pains would improve.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.