Vitamin overdose: is it possible?

Patient: I want to start taking a multi-vitamin, but with the nutrition I will get naturally from food how to I avoid getting too much of certain vitamins. Which vitamins cause overrdose syndromes?

Doctor: If you take the RDA (recommended daily allowance) is not likely that you are going to have vitamin overdose, and the mul tivitamins on the market comply with this . Regarding of which vitamins may cause overdose symptoms, I can give you some examples: Niacin flush (excess of vitamin B3) is uncomfortable, and may last  2 to 8 hours. Vitamins A and D may cause symptoms when taken large doses daily for months, but a single large dose of these vitamins is rarely harmful. Complex B vitamins usually do not cause symptoms, and the excess is eliminated by urine. Also minerals, as iron and calcium may cause overdose if taken in excess but when medical care is given promptly usually there is a full recovery.