Vitamins during pregnancy

Patient: Hello,I am 29 weeks pregnant and wanted to start taking a multi vitamin to help with my acne. I wanted to know that the ingredients are safe or not. Below are the ingredients:burdock root, dandelion leaves, milk thistle, and red clover other ingredients is cellulose. PLEASE let me know if i can take this or not. Thanks!

Doctor: Acne during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. It is due to the changes that occur in the skin of a pregnant woman due to the pregnancy hormones. It is a natural cosmetic condition and heals well after child birth. A lot of dermatological medicines for acne as well as over the counter preparations are unsafe for the baby and must not be used without advice from a doctor or health care provider. If your acne is severe then visit a dermatologist, he/she will be able to provide with a preparation containing salicylic acid, erythromucin etc. that are supposed to be safer in pregnancy.Herbal preparations are to be avoided in pregnancy as not only is their efficacy uncertain but also their safety is questionable as their safety is pregnancy have not been adequately studied. Burdock root and milk thistle when taken in medicinal quantities are supposed to be unsafe in pregnancy due to a possibility of harm to the fetus. The red clover has estrogenic properties and in certain higher quantities may cause harm to the fetus as well as affect the quality of the milk produced by the mother. Without adequate studies, it is difficult to opine on the safety of combinations of herbal product.In my opinion, it would be best to not take any chances on the safety of your baby especially when other safer alternatives are available.