Vitamins, supplements, exercise and diet combined to lose weight in a healthy way

Patient: Questions are at the bottom. Information below is to give you information about me and is related to the questions. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my question. I have recently purchased several supplements from Holland and Barret these are: Acai Capsules – Triple Strength Coenzyme Q-ten Capsules Green Tea Extract Capsules L-Carnitine Radiance Multi Vitamins and Minerals I have read much about Coenzyme Q-ten and L-Carnitine and it all seems positive. I have also read nothing but positive things about Acai and green tea. In the morning I take one multivitamin and one green tea extract capsule with weetabix and oatibix and a banana. After dinner I have one Acai capsule, one Q-ten capsule and L-Carnitine capsule. I am seventeen years old about five foot ten and weight nineteen stone. I have begun to weight train and have recently lost three stone. My diet now is much lower in fat and low in nutrients (it was also low in nutrients below I lost weight) as I only eat a small range of food, this is reason for my purchasing of the supplements. Are these supplements beneficial to me and in what way? Is it safe to take these supplements at the same time? Will it aid in weight loss? (Taken with a healthy calorie controlled diet)

Doctor: It sounds like you are very well informed about the properties of all the supplements that you are taking, also the wa way you are taking them I think is adequate. Acai and green tea are used to lose weight, L-carnitine to build muscle mass, and Co-enzyme Q10 is a very potent antioxidant, besides you are taking multivitamins and if you are eating healthy, meaning, getting the right amounts of all food groups and controlling the caloric intake along with a consistent exercise routine, the result is absolutely beneficial for your health, you are combining all the factors needed to lose weight in a correct way and you will achieve your goal of getting the right weight according to you Height, age and complexion.