Vivid Dreams after taking SSRI (Sertraline)

Patient: I am a 21 year old female who is currently on anti depressants. I started on Citalopram 20mg April 2010 and changed later in the year around November time to 50mg Sertraline. For about a month now I have been on 100mg. The past week I have been finding it very hard to get to sleep even when I am exhausted.. When I eventually do fall asleep I am having very vivid dreams that occur every single night without fail, Some are terrifying where I dream of disturbing things such as being watched and people trying to kill me. Then other nights I have dreams about my sister and her being pregnant, I have had this dream quite alot, Its the same aspect each time but a completely different dream.. The last sort are just really strange dreams that do not make any sense to me. Sometimes when I wake I feel like I have had the dream before. Could these type of dreams be connected to Sertraline? Is there any other reasons why I could be having these dreams? Thank you

Doctor: It is a possibility that persons on sertraline, have a higher level of dopamine in the brain resulting in vivid, nightma rish dreams. I would suggest that you consult your doctor to rule out this possibility.