Vivid dreams while sleeping

Patient: Hi, Good afternoon. I’m having a sleep problem for more than a year. It was started somewhere around November 2012. I still remember the day i woke up and i had a headache. That day i had vivid dreams and i wasnt sleep peacefully. I thought it was normal but started to realize that something is wrong when the problem is persisted. I can sleep but always with vivid dreams. I always feel i did not sleep the whole night when i woke up the next day. I feel like i am in ram sleep throughout my sleeping period. I always get headache and I know the main reason is because of not enough sleep. I feel so weird because before i had this problem it is normal for me to feel sleepy when something is boring and my eyes will try to close by its own because of the sleepy feeling, but after the problem i never had that happened. I will feel sleepy sometimes but i can never sleep or my eyes will never close by itself. This sleeping problem makes me to feel tired and i cannot always concentrate on my work because i will feel so blur in the office. I had read a lot of materials to know what is my problem but i cant certainly find out the exact problem. I saw a doctor earlier(2012) when i had this problem and he told me maybe this is because of the excessive air in the stomach and gave me some medicine. I’m very much depressed because of this problem. Hope you can advice me on this problem. Thank you very much sir.

Symptoms: Always feels tired, sometimes headache