Vomiting and dehydration

Patient: Im a 21 year old female. i have been throwing up for 3 days now. my stomach is hard and it feels like some one is pushing on my chest only leaving me so much room to breath. my back and neck hurt. i have not had diareah problems or contapation problems. what should i do? or do i need to see a doctor?

Doctor: From the acute onset of symptoms you describe, you may have inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract (gastroenteritis ). This is usually infective in origin, especially with common viruses and bacteria. It is usually self-limited and will run its own course, but can be complicated by dehydration. Treatment involves oral rehydration therapy with fluid and electrolyte solutions which are available in most drug-stores. If symptoms are not improving, or you cannot tolerate any oral fluids, I would advise attending your family doctor as you may require intravenous fluids and anti-nausea medication to maintain hydration.