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Vomiting days after drinking alcohol.

Patient: Been vomiting after drinking alcohol the other night. No fever.




Symptoms: Stomach pain, nausea, headache

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.Vomiting after drinking can be due to gastritis. Alcohol causes irritation of the lining of the stomach. When the lining of the stomach is irritated it can lead to nausea and vomiting.This can be treated by using Pepto-Bismol which will cause easing of the symptoms. If the symptoms do not improve with Pepto-Bismol please consult a Doctor who will treat you further.In future please consume moderate amounts of Alcohol. Limit alcohol consumption to:- 2 pegs of Whiskey/ Vodka/ Tequila- 700 ml of Beer- 2 cocktailsAlso, do not consume alcohol when empty stomach. Try to consume oily or fried foods with alcohol to prevent gastritis and slow the rate of absorption.


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