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Waking up and then falling back asleep 30 mins-1 hour later

Patient: For the last 3-4 months I have noticed I have been having a problem sleeping. Not actually getting asleep but fighting the urge to go back to sleep in the morning. I usually go to bed at 9.30-10.30 the latest; I do not sleep with any technology in my room. I wake up around 6-6.30am have breakfast but then after breakfast I find myself going back to sleep, if I didn’t have work I will probably sleep through but I make myself get up around 7.45-8am.I believe I am a generally healthy person, I exercise (yoga and boxing) at least twice a week and make sure I find 30 every day by walking. I try and eat as healthy as possible and I don’t go out as often on the weekends. I used to receive treatment for acupuncture and I will be starting that again shortly.What is my body telling me and how do I help/fix it?



Symptoms: Waking up for about 30mins-1hour and then falling back into a deep sleep



Doctor: You are suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation. You seem to be even suffering from effects of sleep deprivation. S ince you have healthy habits, you might be suffering from stress or depression. It would have been better if you mentioned the reason for being treated for acupuncture. Avoid stressful life. Avoid tea, coffee and other beverages. Practice regular meditation. Consult a psychologist for further advise.

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Guest: Doctor,
I sleep late in the nights like 1 am or 2 am after doing some work on my system from the last two years.I wake up in the morning around 12 pm,I brush me teeth read news paper and have a cup of hot coffee.I take bath by 1 pm and the I take my lunch at 2 pm.I do some work on computer from 2 or 3 pm and soon after I start my work again I get sleep.But even if I sleep at 10pm in the night I get sleep only after 1 am.I have cholesterol problem,Hypertension and diabetes.My weight is 100 kgs and height is 5’10”.I do exercises and walking only in the winters,no other workouts,I attend late night parties and take meat and chicken a lot in the nights.Why my sleep is not in my control in the day times.


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