Want happiness between my partner with no fertity

Patient: Hi doc i am arnel , a husband , and i am 23 ,how can i get intercourse to my wife with no fertilisation ? and what is the best control that i am going to do ?.,, i am very cureiuse of these because i want only two kids not more ,and for now i have 2 kids ,boy and girl and i don’t want # 3 , and i want happiness between to my partner espicially in sex?,,,.,, i am willing to wait the possible answer ,doc

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Doctor: Thank you for your queryIf your couple want to go for permanent method of family planning then you can undergo minor s urgical procedure called as vasectomy or your partner can go for tubectomy (which is also minor surgical procedure) this will provide more or less a permanent method of contraception (having no kids.). Surgically these modes are also reversible. Or else if you couple are not comfortable with the same you can opt for temporary modes of contraception like withdrawal method, use of a latex condom, vaginal pills, birth control pills, and IUD’s insertion etc. These once stopped the fertility resumes and in case you change mind and want another kid it will enable you to do so by just going off them.It is better you go to your doctor (preferably obs/gyn) who will take the history and further to explaining the pros and cons of each method she can suggest the mode of contraception more comfortable to your couple.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day!