Want Pregnancy with pocs without hormones or VIF

Patient: Good dayI am 34 years old woman diagnosed with pocs since I was 24 years old I have 2 girls the first one came after 3 years treatment with hormones injection and the last one came with VIF when I was 30 years old , my concern now I wish to have a baby boy but I don’t want to go throug hormones or VIF so I am trying Metaformin 1500 daily , my question is can I get pregnant without hormones or VIF and do I have to go throug femara and Clomid with Metaformin or not , I am on diet now my weight go down from 76 to 68 kg , what I have to do since I am afraid of hormones and VIF ,Can I have a baby with glucophage and femara and Clomid or by glucophage alone or notThank you