Want To Conceive

Patient: Hi Doctor I am trying to conceive I am 37 years old never being pregnant . I am having unprotected sex with my husband for the last 3 months, but I cant get pregnant I am following my ovulation days and periods closely. three days ago I started experiencing very mild cramping that comes and goes and I though I was pregnant. my period due date is tomorrow but I start bleeding today. (red blood) What should I do? I want to be pregnant

Symptoms: Mild cramping a few days ago now regular cramping

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Though you have been trying for a pregnancy regularly, a bleeding which happens one day prior to your expected period, is said to be your cycles. It means that you did not conceive in the particular cycle and hence menstruation has happened. You cannot reverse the periods now. Kindly keep trying in the coming cycles. Hope you and your partner both have been evaluated for infertility and being treated if there are no issues. Do not lose hope; have patience.Good luck for an early conception.Regards