Want to figure out why my back and head hurt every night.

Patient: Hello, I am an 18 Year old girl. For three days straight, I have been coming home from work and experiencing a lot of lower back pain and headaches. When I try and sleep it off I can feel the pain creep lower like in my butt and thighs and my headache is still present. When I wake up in the morning my thighs feel tight and it hurts to try and stretch them out, is this a condition? Or am I just working too hard?Thank you!

Symptoms: Symptoms: Lower back pain, Headache, tight sore butt and thighs

Doctor: Thank you for question. Your lower back pain and headaches could be due to muscle strain of your back. This could be ca used by your current occupation. Since it suddenly started it is possible that you may have sustained an acute injury of your lower back. The pain in your buttocks and thighs could be due to irritation of the sciatic nerves which innervate the lower extremities. We recommend that you have your doctor promptly examine your back for any acute injuries. This may include having x ray imaging performed to rule out any herniated intervertebral discs. We also recommend that you try to refrain from heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity over the next few weeks until your back heals.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com