Want to know that chances of my pregnancy

Patient: My periods are now 10 days late , and i m trying to get pregnant , chances that i m pregnant, after 7 days i tried home test kit , but result came negative .I want to know possibility of pregnancy

Symptoms: body pain , fever , little pain in breast and feeling tired

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Generally home pregnancy kits give accurate results if test is taken 7 to 10 days later to th e expected date of the menstrual cycle. If the test is negative and if your periods are always regular then the chances of a possible pregnancy are remote. It is suggested that you go for a blood test for βhCG which will confirm whether it is pregnancy or not as the blood test is more sensitive and when quantitative analysis is done even low levels can be detected.The symptoms you have mentioned are common for early pregnancy as well as premenstrual symptoms.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.