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Was I pregnant and had a miscarriage

Patient: Hi, I had unprotected sex on December 13, 2014. My period came on December 14, 2014. According to my menstrual calendar my ovulation day was the 27th of December. The week before my next period was due I had some pregnancy symptoms such as increased appetite, sleepless nights, heavy breast, burping frequently, nausea but no vomiting(just keep getting the urge to vomit but never did) and thick discharge. On the day my period was due(January 10, 2015) I went and bought a pregnancy test and it said negative. About 2pm that same day I had cramps that I usually get when my period is about to come but no blood. Around 3pm when I went to the bathroom I had spotted then stopped. Around 5pm when i went back to the bathroom my panty liner was clean but little blood only when I wiped. After 1 the next morning(January 11, 1am) cramping started again but this time with heavy bleeding. Was I pregnant and had a miscarriage or was I never pregnant at all or am? I’m nervous and confused because I had signs of pregnancy and usually after I spot my period would come right away and my period is always on time. What do you think? Thanks in Advance.




Symptoms: Cramping and heavy bleeding

Doctor: Hello,If your menses had resumed after intercourse in december on 14th , then your chances of pregnancy is negated. Se condly if you started experiencing early pregnancy like symptoms a week prior to your next menses , when in the fresh cycle you were sexually inactive, then ruling out pregnancy outright , the symptoms were premenstrual symptoms which mimic early pregnancy symptoms and rather indicate that menses are forthcoming in few days or so.As you started with your menses in form of spotting on day 1 on 11th jan and started with normal flow the next day, this is the normal bleeding pattern of menstruation and moreover if the pregnancy test was negative , there is actually no reason to consider that you experienced an abortion . So, rest assure that there is no pregnancy and this is your normal menses and there is nothing actually wrong with regularity of your cycles.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards


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