Was i pregnant? is this a implantation phase failure?

Patient: Hello doctor i am 25 years old. Have a girl child of 4 years old. trying for second baby for 6 months. last month 16 th i got periods. 18 th day of my cycle follicle(2.1*2.3 cms) ruptured. i have regular menstrual cycle of 29-30. then i was 4 days late , on my 34 th day got periods and i have seen a maas structure of something like a fleshy thing that has came out. last month i took ovagold tablet for first 18 days and the natural progesterone capsule (silvi200mg) and metfolate for the next consecutive days up to 34th day. on 33rd day i tried a hcg test it was negative.my question is was i pregnant? if yes is this a luteal phase failure? i pictured it i can send it for further reference. what should i do now? i am totally confused and frustated.

Symptoms: Implantation failure?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD.If you have experienced your bleeding on the 34th day in form of menses and the pregnancy test was negative then there is one simple reason for not getting pregnant the cycle that there didn’t occur any fertilisation in the cycle, even though hormonal support was provided to sustain pregnancy once fertilization completes.So in short you are not pregnant and it’s not implantation failure other simply because if fertilisation would have taken place, HCG levels would have risen which didn’t, hence the fleshy mass which you have seen during the menses can probably be seeded endometrium which would have thickened under hormonal effect.Now, as the menses have started you can start the new cycle trying for conception again.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards