Was My Anaphylaxis Mistaken for Anxiety?

Patient: I have had three attacks that I thought were anaphylaxis. The third, which just occurred in my allergist’s office, was not anaphylaxis according to him because I didn’t have any hives or wheezing. There were no welts at the injection site and the nurse said no change in blood pressure. Symptoms: starts with sore/hoarse throat, closing of the throat, swelling of tongue, closing of larynx, stomach cramps, then if left untreated can affect airways in chest, ears, and nose. Also dizziness. The first time I got the food on my skin and it was irritated in that area, but no other symptoms on the skin. The first two times this occurred after eating food, the third time after getting an allergy shot. It’s been a couple hours and my throat and larynx still feel a little closed up, but mostly sore, and still have stomach cramps. All three times I took an antihistamine either after or before the exposure. The allergist says it is probably anxiety; I have had anxiety attacks several years ago, but they felt different and the only thing in common was tightness in chest. Of course I became anxious as soon as my throat started closing up today. Also I have never heard of anxiety attacks leaving you with a hoarse throat.

Symptoms: Hoarse/sore throat, closing of throat and chest, stomach cramps, dizziness, anxiety