Water-like liquid ejaculation during climax

Patient: Ok this is a little awkward but I’ve just had intimate relations with my girlfriend who has decided to pleasure me with penile stimulation through her hands, we’ve tried it a couple times at first where she has wanted me to reach climax. The first two times felt great but unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve climax, and she got tired before she was able to finish me off. We wrote it off as needing to try again anothet time and getting used to the idea of her doing it. After the first two times failed, this evening we tried a third time and it worked, I achieved climax, and ejaculated in a somewhat messy fashion. However what happened during my climax session was confusing to both of us, I ejaculated what appeared to be a clear runny liquid, not cloudy or milky in any way, more like water actually. But it still was a little sticky like seamen and ejaculated like seamen would, and felt like it too. What is this liquid? It’s not pre-cum as I definitely climaxed, perhaps it is some other fluid that came up the Urethra? Please help!!

Symptoms: N/A

Doctor: Last thing first. No other fluid can come there! Whether intercourse or masturbation, ejaculation is same. Time taken may vary depending on your fantasy, masturbation self, mutual or intercourse. There is nothing special about, watering semen etc. Little sticky indicates liquefaction of the semen, and it is normal.