Watermelon allergy

Patient: Watermelon allergy??

Symptoms: i have read about watermelon allergy online but symptoms usually focused on swollen mouth/throat. this might be weird, i use to eat watermelon all summer without problem but over the last 3 years, i find that if i eat watermelon (maybe too much?) my arms seem to have reduced circulation around the shoulders. i notice it when i sleep since i am a side sleeper and usually have no problems sleeping on one arm but after the watermelon, my arms really bother me all night, specifically around the shoulder area. i thought maybe it was due to water retention? i do take a water pill for blood pressure and flomax for bladder issues. i drink a lot of diet coke, which is a diuretic and tend to pee all night. (kinda personal but maybe important to diagnosis??) anyone ever had anything like this??? also, never had the problem from any other food.