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WBC Count Issues: Should I worry?

Patient: My blood count showed the following issues: WBC 14.02; PLT 410 (normal range 150-350); MONO# 1.04; NEUT#9.71 (maximum is 7.0); and PDW 11.3 (below the 12.00 threshold). Other than these, all other values are within normal limits. I was recommended a bone marrow biopsy. Should I worry? I’ve always had a higher WBC (12.0 to 14.0) with no symptoms.



Symptoms: No symptoms



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reviewing the report that you have sent, there is a minor elevation in the wbc cou nt.There is neutrophilia or an increase in neutrophil count suggestive of an infection or inflammation due to cause unknown.There is no need to be very worried. However, you will have to follow this up with your treating physician and plan for a biopsy as suggested accordingly. There is an increase in the counts marginally though.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Thank you for your prompt answer! Yet, I am sick worried about the bone marrow biopsy; as most ordinary folks know, this is done when something serious is at stake. So, how should I approach this?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.There should be some specific reason as to why your doctor has suggested for a marrow biopsy as generally it is not done in all the people presenting with high WBC counts. There would be a risk factor for a malignancy or inflammation in you, that the doctor has asked for this investigation. Kindly ask your treating doctor as to why this was suggested and get back to us for a reply on this if needed. However, a biopsy is an investigation and not a deadline window to a diagnosis. It can even be a normal report, so do not have to worry so much about it.


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