We are trying for baby for more than 5 years

Patient: We are trying for baby for more than 5 years. I had pcod and after taking medication its bit OK now. My husband SA report says : concentration – 45m/mlMotility: 51%PR% :42%, NP: 9%Immotile: 49%, Vitality:59%Morphology :0%HD: 94ND:01TD:05ERC:0Diagnosis: teratozoospermiaComments: amorphous heads, majority with absence of acrosome. Coiled tails.Total motile sperm count: 34.43m/ejaculate, functional motile sperm : 0.0m/ejaculateSperm deformity index:1.95Teratozoospermic index: 1.9Kindly let me know is there any effective treatment which can make us parents.ThanksSrishu

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood the history of teratozoospermia in husband and you having PCOD under treatment.Both the conditions are not favorable for pregnancy.You should consult a facility in Mumbai where ICSI is available. In this procedure a chosen normal sperm is injected into the ovum.Till then try your normal methods like sex on ovulation and so on.I hope this answers your query.