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We are trying to have a baby

Patient: I am 30 yr old women .My husband and me are trying to have a baby. we have a 3 yr old daughter . My LMP is10 Feb 2015 . I am just one day late for my periods. Usually i get periods 28 days. I did a HPT this morning and got negative result . I am having dull left lower abdominal pain(especially when i walk or move) . and occasionally i found slight color changes in tissue after urination , not bleeding , just light color since last night . Is there a chance still i could be pregnant or not?



Symptoms: I missed my periods ,
back pain



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A delay in cycle in a lady trying to conceive and with early pregnancy symptoms though non-specific must not be ignored. Repeat the pregnancy test after a week in case you still do not get cycles. If it is negative, see a doctor for an examination and need for withdrawal bleeding to bring back your menses. Till then, start yourself on folic acid supplements to be on the safer side as there are chances of a pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards


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