We had sex 11days after my menstruation

Patient: We had sex 11days after my menstruation. And he came inside of mine. Now, I’m worried if it is safe to take gynera pills after our intercourse. Need some advice what will happen? Is there a chance that i will get pregnant?Can you tell me the best time to take this kind of pills.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you are having short length cycles like 25 to 27 days cy cles, there is some possibility of pregnancy.If you are regularly taking Gynera pills starting from your menstruation you can have protection from pregnancy.But starting the pills after intercourse and after eleven days of menstruation may not protect you from pregnancy.Now better options are going for emergency contraceptive pill or taking two tablets of regular combined pills twice a day for two days within 72 hours of intercourse.Possibly these methods can prevent the pregnancy.Take care