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We had sex no condoms on her ovation day

Patient: We had sex no condoms on her ovation day but she got herperiod 10 days early, she took a morning pill contains 1.5mgLevonorgestrel. What does mean?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The chances of pregnancy are less as she has got her cycles early. Also, since she has taken the morning after pill with the right dose, it further reduces the chances of pregnancy.However, no pill or contraception method is hundred percent effective. Failure can happen and could be around 0.5 percent.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further clarification.Regards



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Patient: So in other words she is not pregnant. But this changes her period calendar that’s all.

Patient: When will you answer

Doctor: Hello,
We can only rule out pregnancy by doing a serum beta hcg after 14 days of intercourse or after getting the next cycle.

Patient: but she got her period 10 days earlier she is supposed to get it on the 11 of August she got it today ?

Patient: Anyone can answer please

Doctor: Thanks for the reply.
Sometimes it is normal for periods to get preponed. However, that doea not exclude ovulation or chances of conception.


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