Weak 7 year old, says he can’t get up good.

Patient: My 7 year old son said that he is having trouble getting up. He has been fine all day until a few minutes ago. Its like he is feeling weak. He says he feels fine otherwise. He has been eating what should I do?Thank you for your time

Symptoms: Weak

Doctor: Hello. Thank you for writing to us.The amount of information you have given is too little to reach a diagnosis. I re commend that you meet a Pediatrician. After you talk to Pediatrician, he/she can diagnose you.After the diagnosis, you can get treated by the Doctor. However, I do not think this is anything to worry about. Your child may be having a fever.If you feel that he has a fever, you can:- Give him lots of water- Calpol syrup- Tepid water spongingI hope this helps you.