Weakness in left leg, arm, bitterness of mouth, tingly tongue

Patient: 2 weaks ago, I began to weak in my left arm and leg, lost my balance that I would limb in my left leg, the taste in my mouth was a bit bitter and metallicy, my tongue was a bit tingly, I could speak but I would get tired really fast, and my reaction time in my left leg and arm was slower, After doing a CT Scan and MRI, the docors saw an oval focus of signal abnormality measuring up to 1.8 cm AP and 1.5 cm mediolateral along the posterior limb of the right internal capsule. There were changes in my blood flow however, my CK level elevated to 839 and then to 1800 and it went down to normal again. I am much better now, the tingly feeling in my tongue is gone but the bitter metalicy taste in my mouth is still there, my reaction time is a lot faster, I can walk better, my balance is much better but I do limb a little bit in my left leg and I get tired much faster in my left side. The symptoms get worse when I am nervous or cold. The doctors were unable to identify it exactly but they did say it could be one of the three: tumor, mini stroke or MS. Would you know what it is?


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Guest: I have had similar symptoms I feel a general weakness down the left side of my body from my head to my toes. I eventually went to the hospital abd they said that it was my gastro reflux and they gave me tabkets. My symptoms gave got no better abd im becoming more and more fatigued. I have syffered from iron deficiency anaemia which they could nit find the cause off after a number of tests