Weight/Fat Lower Body Reducing for Middle aged teen

Patient: Im a teen male and my lower body has more fat than my upper body which really bugs me. Do have any suggestions to make a different appearance such as a more equal appearance with the upper and lower body?

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Weight loss can be attained with regular exercises focusing on the concerned area. healthy diet and daily 2 hours workout have proven to be beneficial.Having a pot belly (central obesity with thin legs ), purple/dark marks (striations) on the abdomen, round face, headache, thirst etc are few symptoms that may point towards cushing’s disease. This is the presence of excess of cortisol hormone in the body. This needs to be ruled out. I recommend a visit to the pediatrician and having blood cortisol levels , ACTH levels, ACTH Stimulation test, done. Other tests may include, MRI Brain, Abdomen CT. Cause of cushings could be :1. Steroid use : treatment may include slowly reducing the dose of the steroid.2. Pitutary tumor: T/T would be surgical +/or radiation with cortisol replacement.3. Adrenal tumor : T/T would be surgical. pharmacological treatments would depend on the severity of the condition and on the possibility if the tumor can be surgically removed.