Weight gain after glucose and other medicine treatments

Patient: Hi doctor,I am 24 years old. I weigh 73 kgs. My height is 5’7″. I was very slim but due to intake of medicines my weight had increased. because of which i look older than my age and i am getting married next year in December and want to get into shape before that.I have an extra bi-lateral cervical ribs because of which the alignment of my spinal cord has gone bad (it has lost its curvature) . Due to this i cannot go to gym or do any rigorous workout. Also, I suffered from mumps which led to pancriatitis in January 2011. Was hospitalized and was on glucose for 3 days and the medication for it continued for 2 months. Subsequently it led to increase in weight.i cannot go for liposuction as its way above my budget.Please doctor help me.