Weight gain and antidepressants

Patient: My doctor is likely to be prescribing me with antidepressants. One concern of mine is gaining weight from this, will my doctor understand if I ask for a certain medication that does not have a weight gain side effect?

Symptoms: Fatigue (tired all the time and no energy), Moody, Feeling low, unable to concentrate, socially awkward, brain feels fuzzy, trouble holding conversation due to lack of focus.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There are many drugs which can be used for depression. The drugs are classified by 1st c lass and the next generations of antidepressants. The drugs have varying side effects. It is legitimate that you talk to your Doctor saying that you want to prevent weight gain. But, this may cause other side effects. If these side effects occur, you may have to stop taking the medication.Trust the Doctor’s judgement and keep a close feedback cycle with the Doctor to ensure that you are doing well.Hope this helps you. All the best.