Weird bump thing in between eyebrows

Patient: Hi, I have this weird bump in between my eyebrows which seemingly happened overnight a few days ago. It’s itchy, feels like a bruise and has like my skin peeling of it slowly like a bad sunburn. It’s really red and I’m kind of worried about it. I’ve never had it before but I do know that it really hurts and it’s a major pain. Any help would be great.

Symptoms: Itchy, bruise-like, causing headaches, uncomfortable

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you have a abscess or skin infection in this area of your skin. This co uld be a caused by an infected sebaceous gland, which can lead to inflammation, redness and pain. Since this is in a very sensitive area of your face and you are experiencing headaches as a result, it would be wise to have your doctor examine this as soon as possible. You may be prescribed topical antibiotic cream to treat this skin infection, and if necessary course of oral antibiotics may be warranted. Please refrain from picking at it, as this can worsen the infection and lead to its spread and subsequent scar formation.Thank you for consulting