October 15, 2018

Weird circumcision on my penis from birth

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Patient: So this is kind of personal, it is about my penis. i dont believe i was circumcised properly? i have no fore skin but the head is connected to the shaft skin on the top, and it continues around the sides of the head but is very uneven? also there is space under the skin where the normal “head” is. i am 37 yrs old and i am just courous is to if i an losing sensation because of the way it is? meaning i wounder if i am or have ever felt the full pleasure of sex? it use to bother me for women to see it because its not normal, but im beyond that now i just want to know if i am getting full sensation an weather or not it is worth persueing to find someone to fix it?

Symptoms: Lack of sensation



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.What you are describing seems to be adhesions of the penis which is a complication of ge tting a circumcision done. If the adhesions are not causing you pain or any problems then it is not too much to worry about. Adhesions happen in young children when the skin gets attached to the penis head.These adhesions will develop over time and become like yours. To be on the safe side, please see a Doctor as soon as possible.Hope this helps.

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