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Weird feeling near the end of urinating, signs of UTI?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Do I have a UTI? The last 3 nights I have been waking up at 3am having to go pee (normal stream). I then go back to bed but still feel the urge to pee and go back to the washroom 30 min to an hour after the first time (little amount of urine). If I go back to bed I still feel the need to pee. During the day I am completely fine. Also when I pee all is normal until near the end. I do not know how to describe this, but it feels like my bladder has two seperate areas, when the first emptys its fine, but the second little part of it feels weird like its droping when it is emptied. Probabley not the best way to describe it but I can not think of another. When it first started a noticed a pinkish tone on the toilet paper but since I am do for my period I thought it might have been that, now Im not so sure.


Your symptoms may be due to a urinary tract infection. Women are specifically more susceptible to it due to the short urethra and its proximity to the vagina. The typical symptoms of a UTI are burning on urination, increased frequency and urgency, foul smelling and cloudy urine sometimes accompanied with suprapubic pain. You may need to do a urine analysis to see for presence of infection. Some precautionary measures that you can take to avoid a UTI includes :  voiding just before and after sexual intercourse, wiping the genital area from front to back and not vice versa, daily ingestion of cranberry juice has been proved to have some  protective effect, avoid using vaginal douches, bubble baths as they case vaginal and urethral irritation, wearing loose cotton panties.  I hope this helps.

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