Weird Spotting

Patient: I am on the birth control patch and as stated when I researched, the patch is the best effective in the second cycle of wearing it. So of course, unprotected sex. Several times. I had a scare not too long (I’d say two-three weeks) ago and used the morning after pill and all seemed well and I had my period. A week ago, I started to get this type of spotting. It almost seemed like blood clots and dark brown in color. The brown lasted for four or five days and now I have a mix between red-pink and brown blood (or is it discharge?) and I’m a little worried. It’s kind of heavier than spotting a little. Enough to make me change the pad once a day or possibly twice. Today is May 26th, and I usually get my periods on a Thursday (supposed to be this week), but a little reassurance that I am not pregnant is much needed.Thank you.

Symptoms: red/brown discharge/blood, spotting, period-like pains, fatigue, irritability