Well I have always have weird periods like one one

Patient: Well I have always have weird periods like one one month and one the next and one 2 months later and another the next month and its never set on and its always at weird parts of the month. And recently been getting better it seems like my mood messes with it but jan 1st I had my period for 2 days and then again for 2 days at the end of the month and then the end of feb I had my period again for a full 7 days and it was heavy. Well right now 2 and a half weeks later i am bleeding again but its not the same like yesterday I went to the bathroom and there was light pink discharge and then stopped last night and this morning I got up and its like a dark brown and there is a little more and its not there when I pee its only when I wipe. And me and my boyfriend havent really used protection at all. Also yesterday I had a horrible migraine and I took excidrin migraine for it and uasially it works and It didnt at all it got worse as the night went on and my stomach hurt yestersay like I was hungry but I wasn’t I just ate alot or it hurt like light cramps only on my lower stomach but I dont have to use the bathroom. and I have no clue what could be going on except being pregnant. I just need to ask someone please let me know anything. thanks.