Welts on skin with shoulder pain

Patient: Have had right shoulder pain for 2 weeks, feels like it is popped out, woke up this morning and there r welts all over my skin covering that shoulder, the welts do not itch or burn, kind of feel like pimples but no head or anything on them

Symptoms: Pain in right shoulder, has felt like it is popped Out for 2 weeks, woke up today and welts on skin

Welts on skin with shoulder...-1 Welts on skin with shoulder...-1

Doctor: Without examining you it is difficult to tell if the shoulder pain and rash are connected but the time frame suggests th ey are not.The rash has a classic appearance of a posoin ivy type reaction which respomds well to topical steroids.However, the one sided nature of it and the appearance of a “spreading” pattern suggests it could be infectious in nature (shingles or impetigo). Topical steroids in this case would worsen the problem.The rash should be seen within 24 hours by your regular doctor if does not resolve.