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Went out with a friend who ended up in hospital

Patient: Went out with a friend who ended up in hospital confirmed rohypnol in system.. Question is was mine spiked too? I didnt pass out but went extremely aggressive and psychotic had super strength according to family my 6ft 4 100plus kg father couldnt hold me down (171cm 60kgs)



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.It is difficult to predict whether yo u had it in your system but since there was slightly aggressive behaviour involved it is possible it was elevated in your case too.Before I can help you further, I would need to know the details of how the drug possibly could have come inside both of you. Like whether you’re aware of it? It would help in assessing the situation better. But yes considering your father couldn’t hold you down it seems like you did.Please provide more details,Regards.



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Patient: In our drinks.. someone slipped it into our drinks while at a pub.

Patient: I just wasnt aware roofies could have that effect or could it have been some other drug slipped into mine? If so can u shed some light on other drugs used to spike drinks? Hospital said it sounds like it was too as it can go one of two ways how my friend was (close to death) or how i was compeltely out of control and psychotic and or the drug ICE said was a possiblity also

Doctor: Hello,
Yes roofies can have these kind of effects at times.
But the drug could have been benzodiazepines too, as it causes momentary hyper agitation and aggressive behaviour. I hope your friend is okay now.


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