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Went running the other dayafter bout two days after the

Patient: Went running the other day…after bout two days after the inner part of my left foot and bottom of my foot started to hurt and looked swollen….I would say it is around the midfoot….I have no pain or discomfort while resting…but I can feel it as I walk…feels good to massage out…small discomfort when pressing on it…trying to figure out if I strained something



Symptoms: Mild discomfort at site…can walk jump run etc with mild discomfort…localized to middle part of inside of left foot and towards bottom of foot…by arch



Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query at ATD.Medial longitudinal arch or the arch on the inner aspect of foot can g et strained after running or unaccustomed activities.Best treatment plan is RICE therapy- give rest to the limb and refrain from weigt bearing as much as possible, intermittent ice packs to the affected area, compression with creppe bandage after ice application. If the swelling is more intense then use of external splintage rather than going for ice therapy.Keep the affected limb elevated and actively move the toes. You should also take OTC available anti inflammatory medication to settle down the inflamed tissues.Feel free to discuss further.Regards

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Patient: thank you very much for the quick response….my initial concern (thru online diagnonsis…which I should never too) was that I may have broken something…aka navascular bone….but this discomfort did not start until day or so after…didn’t know I did anything to my foot at all until later the next day when I felt some discomfort…just wanted to ensure that it is not more serious as I can go crazy looking up stuff online

Doctor: Its good to be curious and gain knowledge about your condition but overdoing it, and thinking of minor issues as serious health issues can be very stressful.
Most of the short duration pain and spontaneous pains settle down with period of treatment. I don’t think its a serious issue.
Wish you a speedy recovery.

Patient: seems to be feeling a bit better today….should I Just keep icing and elevating and resting. I do a lot of swimming and cross training so I will avoid running at this point and stick to what I do better….hahahahha….when/how would I know if there is a more serious issue I would need to get checked out

Doctor: Don’t worry, resolution of symptoms is a welcome sign. Worsening of pain, swelling, and appearance of new symptoms in addition to these is considered progression and further evaluation and care is required to tackle such situations.
Wish you good health.

Patient: ok so last thing….swelling is going down slowly…still have some pain on the inside of the midfoot….I actually used a tennis ball the other day and rolled it around the bottom and side of my foot and it felt very tight…but good to stretch….I think my main concern is that I possible fractured something…just do not wanna be a boot for extended time….I can walk on it and hop on it but I do feel the tightness and dull ache….just wanted your thoughts

Doctor: Exercise using tennis ball is good exercise and definitive used during rehabilitation process but currently its not to be done. Firstly adequate time for healing should be given and once after assessment of the foot your podiatrist or orthopaedician feel rehabilitation can be started only then exercises should be started.
Wish you a speedy recovery. Regards


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