Went to the bathroom#2 After felt like there was something

Patient: Went to the bathroom#2. After felt like there was something down there like I didnt finish. Went again just a little. Felt same again but couldnt go. I tried looking it up but most was about pinworms. Have few symptons. Not sure if thats it but now im paranoid. Cant sleep. Thanks

Symptoms: Feel like i need to have a very small bowel movement. Very hard time falling asleep 2 nights in a row.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your information. It looks you are paranoid for the worm infestation.A simple single dose of Albend azole stat (now) on empty stomach and repeat after 15 days can solve your pinworm / any other worms problem.If there is associated symptoms as you have suggested or might have forgotten to emphasize, consult a General Surgeon for clinical evaluation, physical examination and per-rectal digital and proctoscopy examination either to prove or to rule out .You will be given laxative/ antibiotic, metronidazole and others like probiotic, symptomatic and supportive.Do not worry till seen by a General Surgeon.