Were my results effected?

Patient: I had a fasting blood glucose done when I went to see my physician one morning. I did not know he was going to do this that morning. I just thought he was going to check my blood pressure because he had recently put me on a diuretic. I had drunk a thirteen ounce glass of 2% milk, ate 2 altoids and swallowed some mouthwash before I went to see him that morning. My results came back today with my calcium level being high as well as a glucose reading of 138. Did the things I swallowed have an effect?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi dear patient, The sugar test which is done is random blood sugar, which is 138 and it is normal in your case. Yes it is because of the food which you ate, and it is not considered as fasting blood sugar level. I would suggest you to get your fasting blood sugar level and that means you should be without food for 8 hours and then give blood sample to calculate sugar level, and you as well get post prandial blood sugar also that means you need to give one more blood sample at 1-2hrs after consumption of food. These tests will help in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.