What allergies can cause dyshidrotic eczema?

Patient: I have dyshidrotic eczema and I don’t agree with my doctors conclusion that it is stress related because I leave town for a few days and my hands immediately start to get better and I have no new outbreaks. Before bed time on the day I arrive, I already have new blisters.I have already tried anti fungal creams to no avail, antibiotics to no avail, and found out i’m sensitive to steroid creams – they make my whole hand red, painful, and inflamed. I have tried meditation and cutting out coffee as per his suggestion with no results. I have switched to hypoallergenic soap, shampoo, deodorant, and detergent. I have not done the dishes by hand since march when this started and I have started a ketogenic diet and started taking supplements. (turmeric 500mg, fish oil 100 mg, quercetin 500mg beta sitosterol pant sterols 1000 mg, vitamin d3 1000iu and acidophilus probiotic 100 million organisms. ) While my overall health and energy levels have improved, the skin on my face looks better than it has ever looked and I have lost some weight, It has done nothing for my hands. I started using fresh aloe vera on my hands last month on a daily basis. While it helps sooth them and I think helps heal a little faster, It does not help to stop NEW outbreaks from forming before the old ones are gone.I have had small outbreaks that never lasted long for the last 10 years, about 23. At that time I believed that it was stress related and it was a mild inconvenience so i dealt with it. But since march the amount of blisters is astounding. The are all over my hands and sometimes my feet though at the moment ints only on my hands. the right more than the left. I can not drive because it is painful, opening doors is painful, and turning a key in the lock is painful.I want to get tested for allergies and I don’t want to go back to a doctor who will not listen to me. I know when my stress levels are higher than normal and when they are not. I also know that being in contact with something in my work or home is causing this. I read today that this can sometimes be cause by an allergy or sensitivity to certain metals, chemicals or sometimes foods. How do I go about finding out?Where do I start ?

Symptoms: Blisters on hands and feet that start out tiny then group together with other blisters causing large ones. Itching and pain. Eventually they dry up and for clauses and peeling and thin easily damaged skin. New blisters form before old blisters heal. Blisters on hands are on the whole palm and underside of fingers extending to the sides and the tops under the nail area. Blisters on the feet are mostly on the side by the arch and occasionally underneath ranging from the middle of the foot under the toes to the big toe.
Symptoms go away after a few days away from home/work and return immediately upon arrival.