What are common causes of occasional (few times a month)

Patient: What are common causes of occasional (few times a month) rectal bleeding in a 50 yr old man with no other symptoms or pain (other than a history of hemorrhoids…but they’re not in flare-up mode at the time of the mysterious, surprise bleeding)? His first (and only to date) colonoscopy was at 39 due to a family medical history “suggesting” it.

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.Blood in stools can be from Upper Gastro Intestine (UGI) or from Lower Gastro intes tine (LGI).We need to evaluate various possibilities that can cause such bleeding most commonly being Hemorrhoids / Piles , Inflammatory bowel disease , Acute Dysentery. In such scenario, i would advise you to see your doctor, who will perform a Proctoscopy in his office. If any evidence of piles is found you would be treated accordingly. If he feels suspicious for Inflammatory bowel disease, he will post you for Colonoscopy.Moreover if you have a family history of Colon Cancer then you should go for a repeat colonoscopy.In case you are suffering from chronic constipation you would require to use Laxatives to prevent piles.See your doctor and share my opinion with him/her.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy