What are my Chances of Becoming Pregnant ?

Patient: My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex, My last period was extremely short and light only 1 and a half days , when my periods usually last ATLEAST 4 or 5. Its been about 2 and a half weeks since i bled .. i just started experiencing bloating and some mild cramping but nothing like period cramping . Also the last 3 days ive been noticing a strong smell when i pee .. can it be my senses have gotten stronger and I’m pregnant?

Doctor: The chances of becoming pregnant while having unprotected sex is high, but this usually depend on what day of the cycle you had sex. For example in a normal 28 day cycle (day 1 is when the period starts), the ovulation takes place at the 14th day. Therefore there is higher chances of pregnancy if you had sex 3 days before or after ovulation. To be completely sure you need to do a urine pregnancy test.Also you have mentioned about symptoms of bloating and cramping abdomen and strong smell of urine. I would advise you to get for urine tested for infection and also get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections. Please ensure that you practise safe sexual habits by using condoms during sex to avoid becoming pregnant and contracting STIs, take care.