What are my chances of being pregnant?

Patient: I had a miscarriage this past January, around the 11th or 12th. I started my period on the 12th of February. I was on my period for about 3 days then off. Which is odd for me because normally my periods last around 5 days. Even before I had the miscarriage in January my husband and I had been having unprotected sex, and even after the miscarriage we have continued to have unprotected sex. (I am not on birth control, no condoms, no “pull-out method) Lately I have been noticing some very sharp pains in my abdomen, almost like gas. Aching in my abdomen, not very tender breasts, but very sensitive nipples, and I feel very bloated. I feel that it is too early to test, but the suspense is killing me, what are the chances I could be pregnant?