What are my risks of HIV?

Patient: Hi, I am a bicurious male that had an unexpected event occur two days ago with another male that I met online. We met and planned to just do some mutual masturbation to porn, and he wanted to grind himself against me and I told him I wouldn’t do that without a condom. As we were grinding and while he climaxed, the condom broke and his semen was around my anus (as well as on my clothes). While he was not ever fully inside anus, his penis head was forcefully pushing against it (I’ve never done this before so there was no way he was going to make it in without a lot of time and lubrication). When the condom broke, I stepped away immediately and tried to wipe his fluids off of me, but I’m kind of freaking out now wondering if I have a risk for HIV or other STDs. The other guy had not been tested recently which worries me. Can you get HIV without penetration? What are the odds? Should I consider PEP since its still within 72 hours?

Symptoms: Nothing yet

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Let us go by some basic facts about HIV/STDs. Mutual masturbation is no risk for HIV/STDs . The risk of contracting HIV through sex with a broken condom is the same as that of a without condom. A broken/eroded skin/mucosal surface is required to gain the entry of HIV. The infected body fluids (blood/semen/cum/vaginal fluid/human milk) have to be present in a nearby (source) in sufficient quantity and these body fluids need to remain in prolonged contact at the eroded surface to cause an HIV infection.Now let us go by events: Mutual masturbation -no risk.Grinding at anus with protection -no risk. Though Breakage of condom leading spill of its contents(semen) over your anal area brings in some risk element, but since it was for a very brief period of time without entering into your anus and that too was wiped off immediately, above all there is no where mentioned about the status of your partner -considering all caveats, and I guess you are at no risk for HIV and hence no PEP warranted.Most STDs require sexual contact. Herpes can be transmitted through skin contact and times even the persons in question (meaning thereby -both partners) may not be knowing even their status and may transmit it to others.Hope it is useful.