What are Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes?

Patient: My 23 yr old son has high triglycerides (40 at times peaking to 70) due to stem cell transplants in his younger years. He has decided to forego plasmapheresis, and we have been told he is going to get Type 1 diabetes, now that he has decided to not do the plasmaphersis. My question is, how will we know if he has it? ie: will he present with Type 1 diabetes in the “normal” way? As in, thirsty, frequent urination, etc. I (his mother) have type 2 diabetes, so I know some of the symptoms. Thank you for your time.

Doctor: Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes are the same – regardless of underlying cause. they include:Increased thirst and frequen t urinationExtreme hungerWeight loss despite eating morePronounced fatigueBlurred VisionDecreased mental sharpnessIf any or all of these symptoms develop, it is a good idea to see your doctor.If any of the following symptoms occur, it is a good idea to head to the emergency room:confusionunconsciousnessloss of coordinationpain in the abdomenshakingslurred speechunconsciousnessfaster breathing