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What are the causes for multiple allergies? I’m allergic to

Patient: What are the causes for multiple allergies? I’m allergic to more than 30 pollens and foods. There’s got to be a scientific medical underlying cause for this, right? Please help me, thanks everybody.



Symptoms: Multiple allergies, nausea, vomiting, back pain, myoclonus, muscle spasms and stiffness, knee pain, difficulty to walk balanced



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Some individuals have a genetic composition which is more prone to allergies and sympt oms similar to what you have. This is known as atopy.There is always a tendency to pick up an allergy with the least trigger factor. A series of autoimmune reactions may take place in your body. This genetic change cannot be rectified .However, we can prevent your symptoms buy identifying the allergens and avoiding the exposure to it. Autoimmune disorders can include a spectrum of all the sumptoms that you have along with allergic features.The most likely treatment that will work for you would be avoiding the allergens and steroid preparations in recommended doses.Anti allergic medications like antihistamines provide symptomatic relief.You could get your genetic analysis done to identify the specific autoimmune cause.Maintain good health as this is a multi organ involvememt.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further information.

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Patient: Thanks for the answer, what kind of specific genetic tests on autoimmune disease will you suggest? Based on my symptoms and so many allergies.
By the way I also have stretch marks below my ribs and on abdomen, they are like pinkish white color. My back pain is bad near the spine and in area below kidneys. I have muscle spasms and myoclonus that starts like electric shock from my face (moving one side or the other) down to neck and arms, every day.
I have allergic rhinitis, feel tired all the time, chronic nausea, often vomiting, sometimes diarrhea.
Thanks again.

Doctor: Get an absolute eosinophic count test done as a marker for detecting allergy. You can also opt in for IgE detection and specific allergen tests.
Also rule out cushings syndrome and check your diabetic status too.

Patient: Thank you very much, Doctor. I already did the Isaac test (positive for 30 proteins on a total of 120) and I’m sure that I have cross allergy to many other things I wasn’t tested for. Anyway, what are all the autoimmune disease I should be tested for? And what kind of specialist (not allergist) should I go to?
Thank you

Doctor: Visit an immunologist to guide you better. You can do tests for antiphosholipid antibodies, graves disease. SLE,Rheumatoid arthritis, myesthenia gravis, and many more


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