What are the chances I could be pregnant?

Patient: Ok, so I have been on BC for about 3 years and I take it everyday my periods are regular and my BF and I don’t use protection or pull out method. I take my pill around the same time everyday but sometimes its a few hours later. I normally get my period in about 3 days from today. I have been so constipated for like 3-4 days.. no bowl movements at all my boobs were really hard last week and hurt so bad and this week they just hurt. I have been so tired and moody lately. I have felt a little nauseous the last week or two but I do a lot. What are the chances of being pregnant… I am just wondering. I can wait 3 days to find out but..

Symptoms: Constipation, fatigue, mood swing, sore and hard breasts, nausea.