What are the chances of conceiving if I have unprotected intercourse on my fertile days?

Patient: I had a sex with my girlfriend and she is on her fertile period (day 9-16). I used a condom and ejaculated in it… Then I removed it and we were just playing (and it got hard again and we got careless and we started again without condom, only briefly after removing the condom) We are now scared she might be pregnant. What should we do?? (its been around 20 hours since it happened). How much increase in chance does a pregnancy come if shes on this fertile period in her menstrual cycle?

Doctor: Based on the circumstances you have described, there’s roughly a 50% chance of her getting pregnant. Bear this in mind: : condoms even when intact (no tears), is only 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. Engaging in sexual intercourse after ejaculation and removing the condom can still result in pregnancy because the residual cum still has sperm cells. It is also noteworthy that sperm cells can live up to 3-5 days within the vagina. If she does ovulate (releases an egg from the ovary) and the sperm cells are still viable, she can still conceive. I do hope I have answered your question and please practice safe sex always. Take care.